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A safe home

A home is the most important basis you can have as a child. If a home situation is scarred by poverty, addiction, violence or the death of a parent, that security disappears. WereldOuders gives children the chance to regain this feeling of security. 

Children should preferably stay with their own family, and where possible, we offer support to the family and the community. For children who no longer have their biological parents or who live in extreme unsafe circumstances, we provide a place to call home in our programs, which may be short-term, or permanent. Children are allowed to stay until they can stand on their own two feet and take care of themselves. Children of all ages are welcome at WereldOuders, including children with a mental or physical disability.


Child mortality in Latin America is high, with children often dying from illnesses that generally could have been be treated. All children in our programs can count on adequate healthcare. All locations have a small internal and external clinic that provide basic medical care. For specialist assistance, supervisors take the children to a nearby hospital. Children with a disability are provided with specialist care, such as speech therapy and physiotherapy, regardless of whether they live with us or not. 

Due to the exceptional poor healthcare in Haiti, WereldOuders runs the only children’s hospital in the country; St. Damien pediatric hospital. The St. Damien Children's Hospital provides (pregnant) women and children with medical care. The hospital also has an intensive care department, an obstetrics department, an oncology department and a special department that focuses on malnutrition.


Illiteracy is very common in Latin America, as many children never make it beyond primary school. Education gives children a chance of a better future, as well as keeping them off the streets. At school, the children are given food, they develop their personal skills and ambitions and they fulfil their hopes for the future. Added to that, a school also plays a monitoring role. WereldOuders provides primary and secondary education and usually also vocational training for children living within their programs as well for children of vulnerable and poor families from the surrounding slums.


WereldOuders hopes to become redundant in the long term and is working to achieve this aim by making the community as self-sufficient as possible. We also want children, individually, to develop the confidence they need to grow into independent adults.

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