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WereldOuders believes in the power of family. Every child deserves attention and unconditional love. We provide a lasting place to call home for vulnerable children, so they have the chance to get a better future. With a safe family-home as a basis, all children receive individual attention and support in the area of healthcare, education and autonomy.

Latin America -The urgency

Over the past two decades, Latin America has made substantial progress in economic and social development. This has had a positive impact on the well-being of millions of children and their families. In many countries, however, this progress is unevenly distributed. There are still many children and young people living in extreme insecurity and poverty, facing violence and without access to social services and protection.

  • 69 million children under the age of 14 live in poverty, with the highest poverty rates in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.
  • 14 million children do not get education.
  • 2/3 of the young people under the age of 15 have to deal with domestic violence.
  • Every year, 24.500 young people aged 10-19 years are victims of murder, which is 5 times more than the global average.
  • There is a growing migratory flow to the United States of hundreds of thousands of people fleeing their country.
  • Worldwide, approximately 150 – 200 million children live in the streets. 50 million in Latin America.

The problem

Without any form of protection and primary education, the future for street children is hopeless and their quality of life is poor. They often have multiple traumas and their future perspective is a life in poverty. Research shows that traumatized children with the right care, education and housing can function normally and develop a good empathic ability. The United Nations has even drawn up guidelines for this, so that the interests of the child are always at the forefront.

The solution

In accordance with these UN Guidelines for Alternative Care of Children, WereldOuders works on the strengthening and personal development of vulnerable children in Latin America. Children receive individual attention and the best possible support. WereldOuders has a unique approach, aimed at a total package of four focus areas: a safe home, health, education and self-reliance. By offering a social safety net and by building up the self-confidence of children, they have a future perspective again. Due to the exceptional poor healthcare in Haiti, WereldOuders runs the only children’s hospital in the country; St. Damien pediatric hospital.

Click here for more information about the four focus areas: a safe home, health, education and autonomy.

WereldOuders and Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH)

Since 1991, WereldOuders has been working to improve the situation of vulnerable children in Latin America. It does this in cooperation with the international NGO Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH). Since 1954, NPH has been providing a safe family environment, quality education and health care for orphans and vulnerable children in Bolivia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and Peru.

Results 2021

View the annual report for the year 2021 here

View the financial statements for the year 2021 here

Would you like to have more information about the results. Please contact us at info@wereldouders.nl.

Nuestros Pequeños HermanosPartner van Nuestros
Pequeños Hermanos (NPH)

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